About Records Consultants, Inc.

Since 1985, Records Consultants, Inc. (RCI) has served clients across the United States. We provide world class consulting services to government and private markets, including school districts, colleges and universities, cities, counties and other businesses. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that meet the varying requirements of our clients.

Asset Management - To support GASB 34, RCI offers a Fixed Asset Management Program (FAMP) that includes a barcode process to account for all assets. The RCI software, FAMP 10.0, provides a comprehensive management and reporting tool and is free of charge with our fixed asset inventory services.

Records Management - RCI physically reviews your records, and per regulatory requirements, structures your files to meet your archival requirements. All permanent records will be positioned in an agreed retention structure or scanned into an electronic file. RCI also provides an automated inventory of all records housed in your Records Retention Center.

Document Destruction - RCI offers secure document destruction services for records that are past their retention period, regular on-site and off-site secure document shredding services and one-time clean-out services. 100% of all shredded material is recycled.

Digital Imaging - In most cases, we suggest to our clients that they consider document imaging for their permanent, inactive records. As part of the process, we can provide purge services which means you only keep the documents you are required to keep.

Insurance Appraisals - RCI property appraisal services provide you with accurate, consistent and supportable replacement values for insurance purposes at affordable prices.

Thank you for your interest in RCI. For more information, please email us or call 1-877-363-4127. When you call RCI, you will always speak with a representative.

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