Secure Document Destruction

Ranger Shredding Truck

Our secure document destruction services are handled by Ranger Shredding, a division of Records Consultants, Inc. We protect our clients - school districts, colleges and universities, cities, counties, other businesses and individuals in the state of Texas, by providing:

Inactive Records that are Eligible and Approved for Destruction
Once your Records Control Schedule has been approved by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, there is no need to obtain further authorization to destroy these records. When you have boxes of records ready for pick-up and destruction, the contents will be shredded at our facility and all shredded papers and boxes are recycled. After the documents have been destroyed, Records Consultants, Inc. will send you a document of destruction to complete your audit trail.

Recurring Shredding Services in the San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

On-Site Shredding
FREE of charge, we provide secure, locked cabinets or bins in your offices where you deposit your documents that need to be fully destroyed. On a regularly scheduled basis, or whenever you call, we come out and shred all your documents on-site and provide a Certificate of Destruction to you.

Whatever You Need
Ranger Shredding offers several sizes of secure, locked cabinets and bins to meet your needs. We have cabinets that hold up to 100 pounds and bins that can hold as much as 300 pounds. We configure as many cabinets and bins as necessary to meet your needs.

Whenever and Wherever You Need It
You tell us when and where. We will come to your office or other location at your scheduled time. If you need immediate service, we will do everything possible to give you same-day service or arrive within 24 hours at your specified location. Ranger Shredding provides 24-hour-a-day service, including weekends, at no extra cost.

Shredding Equipment
Rely on us to be on-time and to work quickly, with a minimum of distraction. Our state-of-the-art shredding truck and equipment can shred paper 100 times faster than any office shredder and up to 4,500 pounds of material per hour. It's fast, easy and convenient. You can witness, in person, the confidential, secure destruction of your documents.

Save Time and Money
Simply put your documents into your secure, locked cabinet or bin. No removal of paper clips, staples or binders is necessary. No need for slow and unreliable office shredders or having your employees waste valuable time shredding one page at a time.

Your Peace of Mind
When you have your documents securely destroyed by Ranger Shredding, a division of RCI, you can be rest assured that confidential, personal, and outdated (past required retention dates) documents containing confidential information about your students, customers, employees or organization have been properly disposed.

Secure document destruction can protect your organization. For more information, visit or to request a destruction services quote, please email us or call 1-877-363-4127.