Records Management

Stack of stored documents

Most states provide regulatory guidelines regarding archival document retention. These guidelines require schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, and county and state government agencies to manage their records within regulatory requirements outlined in record retention schedules. RCI provides a strong value proposition that offers our clients the assurance that they are following these regulatory requirements in managing their records.

RCI offers cost-effective records retention management services throughout the United States. We use existing state and other regulatory authority guidelines to accurately inventory, catalog, store and, as necessary, identify for destruction, all inactive records located within the organization's record retention center. We not only provide the consulting services necessary to maintain compliance, but we also provide the skilled labor to physically perform records processing on an as needed basis. The RCI Records Retention Program is a "turn-key" service.

Before . . . And After Records Management

Why consider RCI?

The RCI Records Management Program is the most cost-effective housekeeping system. For more information or to request a records processing quote, please email us or call 1-877-363-4127.